Monday, July 11, 2011

Staples.... now that was EASY!!!

Teachers.... the day has come.... $0.01 PENNY days at Staples!!! 

This week you can get 25 bottles of glue for a penny each.  You can also stock up on 8 packs of pens...each pack for a penny, and the much coveted pencil top eraser pack (12 to a pack!!!)... each pack for you guessed it... a penny!

These deals are only good through Wednesday, so hurry on over!!! Three new products will be on sale next Sunday-- first stop after church!   Happy shopping!!!


  1. I was saving some of your Brainiac files from Files to Share, and I noticed that you may need a corrected file for the Language Arts poster. Sorry, I did not see an email address to contact you off-blog.

  2. that's okay.... what did you notice?? sorry about that!