Monday, May 29, 2017

Painting Butterflies

Thanks to Mother Goose Time, Sweet Pea is obsessed with butterflies, 
which is perfectly fine with me. 
They're insects that I actually like.
My previous post was all about our caterpillar day, and naturally, 
the next day, we studied butterflies.

Mother Goose Time supplied this Invitation to Create, but you could easily do it at home.
Here's what you need:

-large sheet of white paper (11x14 or larger works great)
-tempra paints (or any you prefer...tempra comes out of clothes)
-painting supplies (brushes, sponges, whatever you want to use to put the paint on the paper)
-pictures of butterflies (discuss symmetry if child is old enough to understand)

When I set up her Invitation to Create, I made sure to already have her paper folded in half so that she would only apply paint to one side.  Later we flipped the other side on top of the paint to make our symmetrical butterfly painting. 

Here's what she did:

Sweet Pea used all the tools to apply the paint, but she definitely loved the sponge.
She dragged it across the paper and created stamping impressions with it as well.
Don't limit your child to just brushes! 
Anything could be used to apply paint, and you never know what surprise you might end up with.

I love that little line of orange dots Sweet Pea made with her paint brush.

Bringing the sponge back out this time to stamp rectangles.

Once Sweet Pea was done painting, I flipped the folded over white piece on top of her painting and told her to press hard and rub her hands all over the white paper.  This allowed the colors to blend together and really make a good symmetrical print onto the white paper.

Time to dry this beauty.

Here is her masterpiece hanging on the wall with all her other artwork.
I absolutely love it.  I feel like I could really cut around the colors to make a true butterfly shape, 
but I will not do that.  Maybe I'll buy a frame though.

We had a bunch of paint left over and Sweet Pea was all about painting some more, so 
she whipped out a few more butterfly prints.
Perfect gifts for grandparents.

Both grandparents have their butterfly paintings on their fridge.... the perfect artwork spot.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Crazy Caterpillar Crafts

If you have been following our adventures for a little while, you know that I have really struggled with being able to fit all the daily discovery bags in each month.  I wrote about that here
The last several months we have picked and chose bags from our Mother Goose Time box that interested Sweet Pea.  I really loved how easily this month could be adjusted and how 2 bags could both covered in the same day if needed! 
For example: Spider and Web, Ant and Hill, Bee and Hive, or Caterpillar and Butterfly!

We studied caterpillars one day and butterflies the next and had so much fun with both.
Check out these "Insect Builder" mnaipulatives that came in our beloved Mother Goose Time box

Sweet Pea would pull out the objects she needed that matched the card,  and I would help her build them.  She really liked the snail/slug and caterpillar.

They are still built and she loves to play with them... last time I saw the caterpillar, pictured above, it was in my bed. 

Next we used some corn starch noodles to build caterpillars.
Have you ever used these?! 
I had never seen them until they came in one of our unit studies, and when my friend Julie saw them, she gave me a whole box of them her mom had stored in her garage! Jackpot!  
All you need to do is lightly dip the end in water and press them together.  They will stick together and this is a perfect sculpture art project for little ones!

Sweet Pea built 2 caterpillars. I had some chenille stems cut into small little segments that she stabbed into the cornstarch noodles to make legs for her caterpillars.

I asked Sweet Pea to look at the caterpillar picture and tell me what the caterpillar was walking on. "Stick."  
Do you know where we have a stick like that in the house?
We still had our stick hanging up by the window that housed some of our eggs and birds crafts from last month.  She ran to it and it was the perfect spot to place her caterpillars.

That 3-eyed paper plate bird Sweet Pea created is definitely keeping an eye on those caterpillars!

Stay tuned for our butterfly painting day



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