Wednesday, April 26, 2017


This Bird and Egg Unit is my favorite so far this year yall.
If you've been keeping up with us, you will know that I blogged about how Sweet Pea and I built a Bird Sanctuary the other day outside our dining room window so we could become birdwatchers.  

We continued our transformation by reading the book The Birdwatchers, making binoculars from paper cups (provided by Mother Goose Time), and then patiently staring out the window observing quietly our bird sanctuary.

We started our day by reading The Birdwatchers.  In that book the girl and her grandpa use binoculars.  I showed Sweet Pea the Daily Poster of the Birdwatcher and she noticed the binoculars.  I asked her to look at the thematic poster and find someone using binoculars.  I love these little posters... so much packed into an image.
"Two be-oc-lars" 
What do you think they are observing, I asked.

I informed Sweet Pea that we were going to become birdwatchers too.  First, we needed some binoculars, so we were going to make some!
Mother Goose Time provided us with the paper cups and Sweet Pea decided to use markers to color them.

After coloring them, I used an exacto blade to cut circles out of the bottom of the cups for the eye holes.  Add a little washi tape to make the division line between the lens and the tube, staple them together, staple some ribbon to the cups for a neck strap, and you have binoculars! 

While I did all that, I gave Sweet Pea the Birdwatcher coloring page that is part of the

Once I finished with the binoculars, we went straight to the dining room window to look at our 
bird sanctuary. 


Sweet Pea was able to use her binoculars to see that little bird eat from her birdfeeder craft!
This little fella was super fast darting here and there... grabbing a seed and flying away.
It was perfect!

These little moments make me so happy that I am able to stay at home with her. 
I could have missed this!

Happy Birdwatching!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Building a Bird Sanctuary

I've been so inspired this past month by our Birds and Eggs unit by Mother Goose Time.
We built our own nest that my girl loves, which you can read about here.  In fact, she convinced Daddy to sit in it with her and read together yesterday.  Wish I had grabbed a picture. 

Yesterday, I taught the 2-4 year old crafts at our local co-op and I had the kids make birdfeeders from toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, and birdseed.

When we came home, Sweet Pea and I decided we needed to build a bird sanctuary. 
I hope the birds feel that way.

I dug out our old chiminea that has not been used in 9 years out of the shed and hosed it off hoping it would be a great bird bath.

I either need to fill it more, or put something in the center so the birds can easily reach the water.  
We placed it outside our dining room windows so we can easily watch the birds.  

My husband built this bird feeder last year out of some scraps of wood and left over gutters he used to build bookshelves in Sweet Pea's playroom.  My girl scooped out the seeds and placed them in the feeder.  "I help too, Momma." 

Mother Goose Time had us build a bird feeder once before out of pinecones, which you can read about here.  I wish I had done that instead of the toilet paper tube.  The minute it gets wet, it will fall apart.... lesson learned.
However, she was so proud of her work!  How could I not put it up?
2 toilet paper tube birdfeeders placed on a garden hook and outside our window provides the perfect spot to watch. 

Our completed bird sanctuary.
At least that's what I'm calling it.  
I bet it becomes more of a squirrel sanctuary though.

Now to read our book The Birdwatchers 

and make some binoculars from our Mother Goose Time unit!

You can read about us becoming birdwatchers here.

Happy Birdwatching!


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