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Last year I stalked researched Mrs. Renz website and borrowed a ton of her ideas!  She is a SUPER teacher who has won many and major awards for her dedication for teaching. 

One of her great creations is the "Mastery Club".  This is a club that kids can "join" as long as they finish one task. There are 86 different tasks, and on her website there are web addresses for hints to help students find the answers.  I did not include them on mine, but check out her site!

My club is called the "Brainiac Club."  With the help of Vistaprint, I created a banner:

This is also the pic I used for the front of my postcards.  I will use the postcards to keep track of how many challenges the student completes... You can see the back side below:

Here are my rules that I will have posted along with the 86 tasks:

I also had certificates printed up using Vistaprint.  I said that they were flyers... either way they came out looking like certificates :)

I am really excited about seeing how much my kids can do.  Mrs. Renz had a student who completed 62 challenges!!! I hope my kids can compete with that!

You can see more of her Mastery Club info here.