Monday, April 16, 2012

MNM: Angle Foldables

Well hello there!!! I have been on a blog frenzy.... hopefully I can keep it going!  Only 6 more weeks of school---I can NOT believe how this year had just flown by!!!  I am hoping that I can do a lot of posts this summer about notebooking.... but as for today... we are making foldables on......
You can use these foldables with anything you are teaching not just math.  Over the course of the year I save a ton of paper scraps.  Cutting some cards for the kids?  Save that 1 inch border that you would throw in the trash.... they make great vocabulary word covers which you see here when I taught probability.
The word is written on top, an example or drawing on the back and a definition on the notebook paper.

But onto what I did for angles...
Sorry about the horrible shadow!  Guess I should have taken another one... Anyway I gave the students 2 pieces of different construction paper that they cut in half and glued little tabs down.  Then we drew each angle with our protractor and labeled it correctly.  Underneath the flap, they wrote the name and found 4 examples of each within the classroom.  I especially loved it when they gave me a certain time as an example!! 

As we continued our study, I gave the students a map printed from mapquest of our school and the surrounding streets.  They had to use 3 different highlighters to highlight the different angles which you can see below.
Then we analyzed our map.  Which angle is used the most?  Why do you think this?  What benefits do right angle streets give to drivers?
I must tell you..... I don't have folders.... or binders.... only these notebooks and EVERYTHING gets glued into the journal.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  So lots of our worksheets are folded like books (into 1/4) but we always write notes on the inside of the book explaining our thinking or what we learned from the worksheet.
Here is a picture of what we wrote after completing the map.  
When we finish a worksheet book like this, we glue it into our journal and we still have 1/2 of the notebook page to write more notes or work more problems.  

All the notes, homework, quizzes and tests end up glued into their notebook.  When parents ask me what their child is learning, I ask them if they have seen their child's notebook.  Most haven't.  I have found that most students' grades reflect the amount of work they put into their notebook.  

Keeping my own copy of my classes journals as turned into a huge blessing.  I can analyze the order in which I taught concepts (do I want to change the order), have examples of every worksheet and resource I used (is there a better assignment), and all the foldables we did (is there a better foldable I could use).  I will be working this summer to answer all those little questions.

Happy Notebooking!


  1. LOVE the glimpse into your math notebooks! I plan to be working on mine this summer, too. Great angle foldables - I've got my angle unit coming up soon.

    Runde's Room

  2. I LOVE the mapquest idea! Will be using this one.

  3. Hey, I love the idea with the map and about writing notes using the quarter fold. I also use journals in my classroom, everything we do in class goes in there, and I use the half page fold for notes. We glue them down like a pocket for storing more notes assignments, quizzes, etc. Please share any strategies or tips you may have. I'm always looking to expand and enrich my teaching experience. My blog: journalwizard