Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's been FOR-EV-ER.... FOR-EV-ER

Don't you just love the movie The Sandlot??  I use that quote all the time with my kids.... "Y'all are taking FOR-EV-ER....."   Most of them have no clue as to what I am referring, but I just start smiling. 

Anyway lots of changes going on....

I am now the Children's Ministry Director for my church and I am absolutely loving it.  I love working with  the kids, teaching them about Jesus, and learning myself.  It is definitely a challenge trying to relate things to their level of understanding, but I am enjoying it so much!   The only downfall is my lack of time in blog land.  I need so make myself some kind of schedule or something... hmm.....

Anyway I wanted to leave y'all with a couple of videos that I found on YouTube that have been helping me immensely in teaching fractions (scream you know you want to.... ) and elements and compounds.  I am in the works of planning a time for my kids to make a video based on Mr. Duey's Fraction video.  It's so great when I hear my kids rapping his song, or asking if they can hear the element song again. 

Wait... what was that... you want to learn some more??  Why of course I'll play that video again!  Roll that beautiful education footage!