Saturday, July 16, 2011

Newletters.... A Weekly Parent Communicator

I have never done newsletters before until this past school year.  LOVED it.  Especially when it came to conferences and parents would say " _________ says he/she never has homework" That's when I chime in with, "Have you seen the Newsletter?"   The newsletter didn't just have upcoming events, but it had spelling words, vocabulary words, and always on the back was the homework log.  Here it is below:

I am definitely doing this again next year.  It keeps me knowing what the upcoming events are (our school was known for last second events) along with the parents, and it keeps the kids organized with their homework.  I hardly ever had to give extra spelling lists or vocabulary since they already had it on the newsletter.  They still had activities with their words to do throughout the week.   And if they kids didn't get their newsletter Monday morning, they were sure to remind me :)

There was a specific spot in their Dragon Binder to place their newsletter.  We gave each child  a sheet protector and a label that said "Newsletter" that they put behind their black folder in the Dragon Binder. 

I made the newsletter using Word 2010 so I could upload any clip art images I wanted.  Hope this helps you if you choose to make one!

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