Saturday, July 9, 2011

Get My Craft on... turning trash into treasure

soooo.... for the past 3 years I have been in classrooms with ample amount of storage.  I had a whole wall of cabinets when I taught High School ART, and for the past two years while I taught 4th grade MATH/ SCIENCE and WRITING I had a wall of lockers (and all the space above them, and 2 huge cabinets.  

Now I am at a charter school that doesn't have much storage.  In fact, I have ONE cabinet.... ONE.  Just so yall know... I have taught 5 years, and each year it's been a different subject... so I have a ton of stuff!!!  But I am going to look at the bright side about this (as my friend Lindsey would say "Leslie-- you poop rainbows" ).  It gives me a chance to go on the hunt and get crafty- which I don't seem to do as much as I should, considering I was an ART major.  

So yesterday I scoured the town  (garage sales) for anything that I could use as storage.  Low and behold I came across an awesome cart for $5.00 .  AND it has wheels...AND the wheels have locks... AND it moves smoothly!!! Woohoo!!! Only thing is---- its pretty ugly...

So today I broke out the spray praint, spent less than $5.00 at Hobby Lobby on scrapbook school paper, and used some modge podge glue which I already had.  So far I have spent less than $10 on this cart... After some good ole T-L-C this is a pic of the finished product

And here is a close up of the papers I used.   I bought 2 of each sheet which was more than enough.  

I think I'll store science items on it, but I'm not sure yet.  Looking forward to next week.... I think I am going to decorate some composition notebooks that I saw on a friends FB.

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