Thursday, July 14, 2011

Postcards.... Starting off the Year with a Good Note

I love getting mail!  Some email... yes... but real MAIL.  The kind someone actually wrote, put a stamp on it and put my name as the address.  I LOVE IT, and unfortunately I don't get much of it... besides bills. I don't count that as real mail.

And who doesn't love real mail???  During the summer last year, I sent postcards to my kiddos and I had all but one child come to Meet the Teacher Night.  I don't know if it had anything to do with my postcards, but hey... it didnt hurt ;)

This year, I will be at a new school teaching 6th grade... yes.... I am a little worried about it.  It will be my first time teaching this grade level so I am trying to prepare myself as much as possible.  I figure though... if everyone loves mail... so should 6th grade kids.  And what if my mail gave them a challenge... something to think about that would result in a prize on the first day??? 

So that's what I did.  Postcards... except instead of writing Welcome to 6th Grade... I put a picture of me in front of the "bean" in Chicago.  (I vacationed there this summer). 
On the back of the postcard, I introduced myself, what I read over the summer (Hunger Games trilogy) and challenged them to figure out where I went to in this picture, and if they were right, then they would be up for a prize.  ( I was meaning to get something in Chicago as a prize but I forgot :( ugh... --suggestions would be much appreciated)
I am going to address them next week and send them out in about a week and a half.  I wonder how they are going to figure it out??


  1. Super cute idea!!! How close to the beginning of the school year do you get your class roster? We get ours the day...maybe 2 days before school starts!! I have postcards I got from vistaprint...but I don't know if it will be worth it!
    The Sweet Life of Third Grade

  2. Thanks!!!I just went to my principal and told him what I wanted to do. I am at a pretty small school (there are only 40 kids in the grade level) and I see them all. So I am going to send all the kids the postcard. I still don't know who is in my homeroom.

    At my old school we had our lists at least 2 weeks in advance since Meet the Teacher was the Thurs before school starts.

    Maybe your PEIMS clerk or counselor could help. Good Luck!!!

  3. Awesome idea! I wish we were able to do this at our school, but we don't get class lists until the day before Meet The Teacher, which is usually a day or two before school starts. At any rate, I love your idea. I am a new follower of your blog too. Thanks for sharing on the Blogosphere.