Friday, June 8, 2018

Homeschool Preschool: Constructing Homes

Learning all about homes is the theme for this month's Mother Goose Time, and although we are late starting our study this month, we have already had a blast constructing different homes.

On our first day, we received these home templates. as we studied Houses.
  Using stickers, markers, and shape stamps (provided in last years's boxes of MGT), 
we made houses while reviewing letters, their sounds, and the shapes on our shape stamps.

This is our first time for me to create the same thing alongside my girl.  I don't want her to copy me; I want her to make her own art.  However, while she observes me manipulating the different mediums she learns different techniques to try.  While I was working, she asked if she could work on my piece, and of course I let her.  She's been improving in actually drawing lines and not scribbling.

After designing our homes on the paper cut outs, we constructed a home for her toy lizard using our light box and building blocks.  We discussed where to place windows and a door so her lizard could get out.  He also needed food, hence the toy raspberries and blackberries in the home.

On our apartment day, we built tall towers.  MGT suggested calling out a number and building a tower that many blocks high.  The pic below shows a tower my girl built after I told her to use 10 blocks.  She was pretty proud of herself as was I.

On the day that we discussed RV's and Hotels, we reviewed our shapes as we constructed an RV puzzle provided by MGT.  The only one she missed was the octagon (which we haven't really discussed) as she called it a hexagon.  Still close. :) 
We then worked on tracing different shapes from blocks.  She would do really well tracing one side, but then would move the piece she was tracing.  I also noticed that she switched hands to draw!  She's normally right handed but switched to her left to make tracing the object easier, which I captured in the second pic below!  We had a lot of fun and I love seeing her create.  
We will be practicing tracing more things in the future.

Meanwhile, my 6th month old son and our pup Bailey enjoy some tummy time in front of the mirror.  Bailey loves to keep close to Everett while I am working with my girl in the same room.
It's pretty adorable.

Happy learning!

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