Thursday, June 21, 2018

Animal Homes: Lodges and Dens

Did you know a beaver's home is called a lodge?
I think I learned that long ago, but it felt new to me today as we as we studied lodges and dens with our Mother Goose Time: Alphabet House unit.

We started our day by finding the beaver's home on the thematic poster.
Avaleigh even told me that it was built in the river!  I was surprised she just didn't say water.

Our Invitation to Create came with blue paper and a bag of wood chips!
I have a bucket of extra cups, plates and stuff, and asked my girl if she wanted to add anything to help her make her lodge.  She chose the cup below.  She worked on gluing and and placing the wood chips down to make her lodge. 

Our STEAM station for the day is pictured below.
My husband took down some dead trees in our yard 2 months ago, and cut some of the branches to be building blocks for the kids.  We usually use them outside, but I brought them indoors so she could build.  She was still mainly stuck on beavers, but we also discussed how bears live in dens.

Can you spot her little toy she hid in the lodge in the picture below?
We must have built and rebuilt its home 4-5 times.
In the end, she added a garden with some vegetables (letter s puzzle piece) <3 

I wanted Avaleigh to understand what happened when beavers build lodges on a river.  
So I drew a river and some trees on her chalkboard table.
Using the left over wood chips from our Invitation to Create, we pretended to send sticks and logs down the river and build a beaver lodge.   

Explaining that the lodge would block the river, I erased the river and drew a large oval and asked her what would happen to the trees.  She told me they would die, which was correct as they would be flooded out, but a pond or lake would be created, and new animals would live there.
She came up with all sorts of animals to add to the pond including otters! 
I would never have thought of that.  We did visit the zoo a few weeks ago...
I swear her memory is amazing... I think she took all of mine when I gave birth to her as I can absolutely remember nothing. 

We then read one of her favorite Usborne books, Peek Inside Animal Homes.
It has tons of little flaps and goes through all sorts of homes animals build or just where they live.

Below is the beaver page.  It has a flap showing the lodge and a flap showing the tree falling across the river. 

After reading, we crept outside while her brother napped in his swing.  I am still trying to get him to nap in his crib, but the hour long screaming that ensues when he has to nap in his crib drives me bonkers, especially if it's while we are doing preschool. #momlife.  You do what you gotta do.

After spending an hour outdoors, she asked for a cave to be built.  Everett was awake in his swing, so we built a cave.  We've done this all sorts of ways in the house, but the way pictured below is her fave. I clipped a large sheet to our fireplace and clamped the sheet to some stools.  She loves hiding and this is the perfect spot.  I love how I can still see what is going on under there.

We ended our study of lodges and dens by watching Wild Kratts on Amazon Prime. 
In season one, they have an episode on beavers. <-- link!
Perfect for today. 

Happy Lodge Making!

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