Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Castles, Crowns, and Coloring, Oh My!

This month is Vacation Bible School month.
That means, as the VBS Director, my life is super crazy right now.  
I am hoping to share a few tips on how to help with that in a future post, so if you are involved with your VBS please stay tuned to the blog. :)

However, in all the chaos of creating things for the church, I am so thankful for our 
Mother Goose Time (preschool curriculum) box.  With all its pre-planned activities and 20 daily discovery bags with all the things we need, I can still carve out some time to make memories with my girl while she learns.  Even in life's most chaotic times.  

This month our box is themed Alphabet House, which is all about different homes,
and Castle Day was so much fun.

My girl made a crown so she could become a princess for the day.  She actually drew a dragon on her crown.  I've seen such great improvement from actually trying to draw shapes rather than scribbles. She practiced standing and waving like a princess. 

We talked about how if our family lived in the castle then her Daddy would be the _____ (King) she told me.  I asked her what I would be, and she said Queen.  But she was a little puzzled when I told her she would not be called Queen but something else.  I asked her to remember Sofia the First and what she was.  A princess!  Therefore, you too would be a princess.  Princess Avaleigh and your brother would be Prince Everett.

Kinda off topic, but have you watched The Crown on Netflix?  I just got into it and am really liking the series.  It really has helped me realize that I NEVER want to be queen of a kingdom.  
Nope. No thank you.

Anyway,  back to our lesson.
After creating her crown, she was still wanted to color with her markers, so I got out the My Little Journal and had her review her colors.  She couldn't read the words, but once I told her the name of the color, she grabbed the correct marker and colored each bird.

She has been paying so much more attention to the lines and trying to color within them.  Lots and lots of  practice with coloring, but she loves it.   I always have a container of crayons, markers or map pencils on the table ready for her whenever she gets the inclination to color. 

Afterwards I got pulled away having to do some VBS work, but we picked back up on our Castle Day today.  And you can't talk about castles with out mentioning dragons!
MGT sent us the materials to make a dragon puppet and during her quiet time play, she made the dragon attack her princess castle (Little People).  She stayed in her room playing for a whole hour! 

As Everett napped  screamed in his room, Avaleigh and I took a quick break to read one of our favorite Usborne books, BOY.  It's about a King and Dragon who fight all the time until a young deaf boy forces them to stop and listen to one another. It is such a wonderful story.
I read it aloud here:

I know we won't get to each bag this month, but I have sure enjoyed the ones we are doing. 
I'm just so thankful I don't have to plan one more thing... 
This mom's brain is on the fritz.
And I get to just sit back, watch, and play.

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