Sunday, April 22, 2018

Preschool Ocean Math Games

It's been an Ocean Commotion in our house this month and we have had a blast!
Avaleigh is obsessed with Octonauts, so all these ocean activities have been right up her ally.
Mother Goose Time has sent us some wonderful math games this month along with real shells to use as manipulatives! Here's how you can recreate some of these games at home.

Fishing for Shells
Build a cave with a large sheet and hide some seashells in your cave.  You will need a die or some type of number cards.  Explain to your little that they are going to be a deep sea diver and fish for the number of shells on the card.  Roll the die, or flip a card and have your little say the number.  Then let your child go fishing for the shells in the cave.  This game reinforces a one-to-one correspondence and number identification.
It's even better when you sing a song while they are diving for shells :) 
"Dive Avaleigh Dive. Dive into the Cave.  Get your shells.  Dive Avaleigh Dive"

Octopus Suckers
Isn't this octopus graphic the cutest?  Mother Goose Time makes some amazing things.
However, you could totally draw your own octopus on a chalkboard or outside.  Get some circle markers to be your suckers.  These could be pennies, stickers, a bingo dot marker, or these great little transparent discs we got from MGT.  Roll a die and place that many suckers on the octopus' arms.  Keep going until the arms are filled or each of the 8 arms has 8 suckers. 
Daddy got in on this game.... obviously. :) 

Rainbow Fish Shark Attack
This was Avaleigh's absolute favorite game!  We have played it over and over again for extended amounts of time.  We talked about rainbow fish swimming in schools to confuse predators like sharks.  We placed all these numbered fish in a school on the floor and grabbed a shark toy.  She had to close her eyes while the shark grabbed one of the fish.  After opening her eyes, she then had to figure out which number the shark took.  Sometimes she could just spout out the answer, baffling me, but most of the time she counted one by one until she figured out which numeral was missing. 

These are just a few of the games we have played.  We get a new math game everyday- 
20 different ones in a thematic unit! But ever since we learned about the Rainbow Fish Shark Attack game, that has been on repeat demand.
You know how they like to repeat the things they love.

So fortunate she loves MATH games!
So glad MGT taught us these, and I hope you have fun teaching them to your littles!

Happy Learning!

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