Tuesday, April 17, 2018

5 Tips for Raising a Reader

Raising a reader is a daunting task.
As a former language arts teacher, book lover, and Usborne book lady, here are my top tips to
Raising a Reader!

1- Expose your child to lots of books!

Children are inquisitive.  They ask a billion questions a day.  One answer I have always tried to stray from is, "Because I said."  Filling your shelves with fairy tales and classic stories is great, but don't forget about non-fiction books that answer the questions kids are most curious about.
I love the fact that our books from Mother Goose Time could be anything.  This year alone, we have received a folktale book, an ABC book, counting book, a non fiction book about places all over the world, and so many more!

2- Read aloud at least 20 minutes every. single. day.

One of my most favorite parts of the day is curling up on the couch and reading a stack of books with my girl.  Not only is it sweet cuddle time for us, but it's exposing her to a wealth of vocabulary.
Ever since she was able to walk, if you sat on the floor, she was high tailing it to your lap with a book.

3- Engage with the text.

Reading with kids is not supposed to be a race, so don't speed read.  Stop on the pages, look at the pictures, ask your kiddos questions about what they see or notice.
One thing I love about MGT books, is they make them interactive when they can.
By simply adding a tracing element to the letters, this ABC book becomes more than just another ABC book.  It helps expose the reader to how to make letters not to mention it has some great facts about ocean animals!  A non-fiction interactive ABC book!  What's not to love?

4- Read with VOICE.

Make reading fun by changing your inflection and tone.
Differentiate between characters with different pitches.
Changing your voice helps your reader comprehend the story and makes reading such an enjoyable experience.  It doesn't matter if you think you sound silly, your reader will LOVE it!

5- Make books easily accessible. Face them outwards and place them all over the house.

We are visual creatures and drawn toward things by how they look.
Kids can't tell anything about a book by looking at it's spine, so make them face out when you can.
Put stacks in different places- not only on the shelves.  Books by the bed, in little corners of rooms, in baskets all over your home, makes them easy to grab and enjoy anywhere.

My girl loves read along books too! They are her number one thing to do during quiet time
(which is usually my blogging time).

I know I have barely scratched the surface, but these are tips that definitely work for us, and I hope they inspire you as you raise your lifelong reader.

What tips do you have?

Comment below!  I'd love to hear them <3

Happy Reading!

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