Saturday, June 17, 2017

Game Time: Building Sandcastle Towers

It's almost been a year since we started Mother Goose Time, and I can't believe my girl is almost 3! 
MGT supplies us with all sorts of fun; all I have to do is open a bag and set it up.  
I am so thankful for that.
Usually each month there is some type of board game that can be played.  I had tried one in the past, but Sweet Pea wasn't ready.  When I saw a bunch of other bloggers mentioning how much fun the sandcastle game was, I decided we would try again. 
I am so glad we did! Sweet Pea absolutely loved this game, and we've played it several times since!  

The game is great at reinforcing math concepts, color recognition, and fine motor skills.
She had to roll the die, count the dots, move her crab piece, recognize the numeral and color of the  space she landed on, and then count out the number blocks in that particular color and build a tower.  We were supposed to have 2 separate towers and see whose was the tallest at the end of the game, but Sweet Pea wanted to combine our towers into one enormous tower.  How could I resist?

She has trouble being persistent with challenging tasks.
I honestly thought she would have a hard time placing these lego like blocks together, 
but she did awesome and kept up with it even when she couldn't get it the first time!

Please pardon the Chick-fil-a sauce all over her shirt  :)  
We ate lunch before we played the game.

At the end of the game, Sweet Pea was so stinkin' proud of her tower!  She kept saying, 
"Wow Ma! Tall tall tower!"
And look at that smile, yall!

I love how a variety of learning skills was taking place during our game including:

 math- number concepts (identifying numerals and counting to determine quantity),
math-pattern and sorting  (matches, sorts, and charts),
and physical development- fine motor skills (controlling small movements).

Mother Goose Time does such a good job with incorporating more than one skill in the activities they provide. I love watching Sweet Pea grow and feel accomplished with something that was once so challenging for her- in this case the fine motor skill of connecting these little blocks.

Here's to more fun times playing games together!

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