Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Chasing and Making Waterfalls

On Waterfall day I had one of my junior high jams going through my head all day...you know the one by TLC.  Maybe I'll let Sweet Pea hear it... she'll probably tell me it's too loud and to turn her Mother Goose Time Island Music onto track 7...the ABC Song. 
My how my life has changed.

She was so excited about our new topic poster.  She loves to put it in the sheet protector and really look at it.  She has gotten into the habit of then looking at the theme poster (to the right of our topic) and finding our topic there. 

She mentioned that the waterfall looked like a slide.
"Slide down."

After getting her interest peaked, I set up her Invitation to Create from Mother Goose Time.  Sweet Pea has been begging to paint and craft lately, which I absolutely love.
 Mother Goose Time sent us the paper, pebbles, and a coffee filter along with this stunning waterfall photo.  Sweet Pea even remarked about the rainbow.  All I had to add was the glue and scissors.  I adore how easy it all is.

When teaching public school, and we used white glue, 
I always said what my elementary teachers told us,
"One dot does a lot!"
Sweet Pea is totally my child.  Check out those dots!

One of the great aspects about this project is that it teaches layers in making artwork- background, middleground and foreground.  She's only 2 so we just worked in stages, but older kids can look at the picture and tell you that the waterfall is on top of the cliffs, and the rainbow is in front of the falls.

She worked on tearing her paper, placing dots, and then carefully placing her pebbles on top of her artwork to make the waterfall have rocks. She did mention that she would make a "Glue puddle" and then proceeded to pour the rocks onto the puddle.

Her masterpiece.

Now to wait for the dry time and then to hang her work.  
Love it!

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