Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tot School: Interactive Reading

My girl is in love with books.
It goes with her quiet, contemplative, cautious personality I think.
She loves to sit in laps, look at pictures, tell you about them, and snuggle with whoever she is sitting with... mostly it's me. <3 
Mother Goose Time sends us a NEW BOOK each month with our monthly kit.
Naturally with this month revolving around the theme of baby animals, we received a book titled
Baby Animals Learn and Play,  We love this book.
Each month we also get a little journal (which I cut a picture of her swinging at the park and taped it on the cover), and an I Can Read book.  This month that one's title is Do You See Me?
We haven't really done much with the I Can Read books in the past, but I was so impressed with what Sweet Pea could do with them!  Read on to see what it's like!  

Like I said, my girl gets excited about books, and when she saw the set up, she had to imitate the picture of her on the swing, as you can see below. :)

We first read Baby Animals Learn and Play.  This book is WONDERFUL for toddlers!  It helps to transition from a board book to a paper back book, but it doesn't have too many words on the page that can cause toddlers to lose interest.  The pictures are clear, crisp and up-close which are perfect for the words chosen in the book. 

The book would say what an animal likes to do (some kind of verb) and then asks the reader "What can you _________ (same verb)?"  The fact that it had this question created a dialogue between the text and Sweet Pea.  After the question was asked, she would go and do that verb that it asked!
 See the next couple of pictures for a better idea.

The picture above in the book, had an orangutan swinging from a branch.  Then the next sentence was "Where do you swing?"  Sweet Pea immediately pointed to the picture on her My Little Journal and declared, "Park!"  I promise I did NOT plan that to happen!  I had not read the book prior to me putting that picture on her little journal!  Total God thing there.  
I love seeing Him in little everyday moments.

A few pages later, the book had a page that said, "An elephant calf drinks with his trunk.  What do you use to take a drink?"
Sweet Pea pointed to her mouth, and all of a sudden, she was up and running....I didn't know what she was doing until she grabbed one of her sippy cups.  She had answered that question perfectly. 

Getting a nice drink of water, just like an elephant. Love that book.  The book is available through Mother Goose Time with this kit, or you can find it on Amazon.  Just click the link below :)

After we read our monthly book, we looked at our I Can Read book provided by Mother Goose Time.
I Can Read books are pretty popular.  You can find a ton of them at your local library or check out this link.  I Can Read books are great for teaching and learning "sight words."  Sight words are commonly used words that young children are encouraged to memorize as a whole by sight, so that they can automatically recognize these words in print without having to use any strategies to decode. (Wikipedia)

How do you make learning sight words engaging for toddlers?  Turn it into a matching game! Recently, Sweet Pea has been all into matching things so this was a perfect activity for us.

MGT sent Sight Word arrows that Sweet Pea used to point/cover the sight word in the sentences.

"Do you see me?"  Sweet Pea loves to interact with books.  She stopped what she was doing and pointed to the deer and said "Deer."

Matching her 2 sight words.."See" and "Run" on the page stating "See me run."
Naturally, Sweet Pea did the same thing.

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