Monday, January 9, 2017

Pregnancy and Pigs

I'm not going to lie... when I first saw our Baby Animals Unit Theme Web in our Mother Goose Time curriculum my heart sank a little.

Our first week is Waiting on Baby.
Waiting on Baby.  This.  This is what made my heart sink.
The thoughts and emotions that come back full force.  
It's hard for me to talk about "Pregnant Moms" when I had a molar pregnancy that led to a DNC a few months ago.  However, just because things are tough doesn't mean that they cant be faced.  I thought about skipping this lesson, but when we are talking about babies, how do you skip the lesson about pregnancy?  I knew I wanted to do this with Sweet Pea. I wanted her to know even if she is little.  I got a little teary eyed here and there, but I am so glad it's just me and my girl.  

We had a lot of fun and I took tons of pictures (surprise surprise), but I think the most fun we had was when we played with the little pigs manipulatives that were sent with our Mother Goose Time kit this month.

Don't you just love these socks!  Tell me you have some like it in your drawer too! It was perfect to hide some of the pigs and we talked about how babies are hidden in momma's belly. 

I brought out our Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm, pig, and Farmer Eddie to come and join the fun!  I told Sweet Pea that there were lots of little piglets hidden in a momma pig's belly and the farmer helps take care of the pigs and piglets.  I left all the other farm animals in another room.

I hid 5 piglets in the sock and Sweet Pea was so excited when she put her hand in and felt a little pig!  She tried to pull one out at a time, but sometimes she grabbed two.  After she pulled one out, I had her place it on a pig on her number card which I placed on the tray.  These number cards are great for one-to-one correspondence

After Sweet Pea removed all the little pigs from the momma sock belly, we worked on our counting, sorting, and talking about how the momma pig feeds her young with her milk.  I was really impressed that she could sort these by size!  She sorted about 7-8 of them between the larger pigs and smaller ones (it's really hard to tell but an excellent challenge), and after sorting them by size we did it by color.

I love the picture below. Pink momma pig with her pink piglets and Farmer Eddie in his red shirt gets the red piglets. Sweet Pea and her color sorting... :) 

This picture below cracks me up!  She found out that the little pigs fit perfectly into the bottoms of our Fisher Price people.  Farmer Eddie, Grandmother and Granddaddy all had piglets going up their bottoms!  I literally laughed out loud! 

Last but not least, they headed down the silo!  Now we have little pigs all over our house.  She is really enjoying playing with these pigs, and I enjoy watching her play.  Pregnant mom day turned out to be a great day! 

I am so blessed to be her momma.  I don't deserve her.  The Lord is so good... He gave me something so beautiful, so undeserving, something so special and my heart is full each time I look at my girl.  I know that we may never have any more biological children and she might be the only child we have.
And that's okay.  I choose joy.  I choose to have fun with her everyday even if some days my heart breaks.  She is my gift that I never want to take for granted.  
I am completely humbled that God gave me her.  
God is good all the time.
His grace is enough.

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