Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tot School: Animal Babies and Eggs

 Egg Day continues!
We just had so much fun studying animals that hatch from eggs using our Mother Goose Time materials.  I prepared a game for Sweet Pea based on "Waiting for the Hatch" game supplied in the Teacher Guide by MGT .  It consisted of cards that had an image of the animal egg and on the other side of the card was a picture of the animal that hatches from that egg.  I love that they used actual pictures of each!  We have quite a few of the Safari Ltd sets and I pulled a few animals that matched our cards along with plastic eggs, a basket, and grass filler that I have saved since's January.  You never know  when you need grass filler with toddlers. 

I placed one animal in each egg and then hid the eggs among the grass filler in the basket.  I placed the cards of the eggs next to the basket.

Egg Day followed Pregnancy day and I told Sweet Pea that some animals have babies in the belly and some have babies in eggs. I then gave her the egg cards and told her we would find out which animals come from eggs.

After looking at the cards, she told me each animal and made it's sound if she knew it.  Then it was time to play match up, which is currently her favorite game!  She searched for an egg, opened it and then matched it to the picture.  

She loved this game! You could hide the eggs outside if the weather was nice, or you could hide them around the house.  There's so much you can do with those plastic eggs! 
But egg day didn't even end there!
Ready for more pictures?  
I know you are...

Egg Day finished with a beautiful Invitation to Create decorative eggs.
Mother Goose Time supplied us with this stunning image to get the mind racing, a giant egg cut out, and a sponge! All I had to do was provide white crayons and watercolors, which happen to be water with food coloring.  Easy peasy! 

I'll briefly explain the process, but let the pictures do most of the talking.  The decorative image that MGT sent has some very eye catching designs due to the white line designs on each egg.  So here's what we did to make our artwork.
First, Sweet Pea used white crayon to color all over the white egg.  She then filled her sponge with a water color and used her sponge to paint the egg. The wax of the crayon resisted the water leaving a white line design similar to the egg image provided...but ya know it's created by a 2 year old :) 

I had to include the above picture!  I couldn't believe I was able to capture that drop of red water!
It didn't take Sweet Pea long to start working on her fine motor skill of squeezing the sponge... which can lead to a super fun but soaking wet masterpiece.

Just grab a paper towel and dab at it and let it dry flat.  Look at those beautiful colors and you can still make out the line design created with the white crayon.  I love it... and it'll be perfect framed in my house for Easter this year.

Want to know more about our Egg Day?  Be sure to check out how we incorporated some math into our egg day with this post!

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