Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Learning our Shapes

Sweet Pea is 2 years old and 2 months.  She is an only child and I am blessed to be able to stay at home with her. 
I say all of that because I do not have any other kids to compare her to or know at what age certain children learn certain things.  I am just doing my best to expose her to new things, be intentional about what I say to her, and teach her to the best of my ability.  
Mother Goose Time has truly helped us with the teaching part for sure!
Sweet Pea has known her colors for quite some time, but shapes are a whole new ball game. 
Mother Goose Time has sent us some great stamps to help her learn her shapes!
Last month, we received the circle stamp, and this month we received the triangle. 
We play with these stamps everyday whether in play dough, using a stamp pad, or placing it in glue or paint.  There's so much we can do with them!  It has also helped me, as a mom, be intentional about what to focus on throughout the month and toys to play with.
For example, I add more circle things into her play dough tray and keep using the word "circle" when talking to her.  We draw circles and then put something in the circle, or when we see something outside (maybe a rock or whatever) say "Oh wow, that looks like a circle!"

Fall is here in Texas!  The weather is beautiful and the humidity is depleting, so that means some wonderful afternoons spent outdoors.  I decided to make a little shape game for us to play.
I drew a circle and triangle on the ground (since these are the 2 shapes we have mainly focused on), but then I thought I would also challenge Sweet Pea with a square.
I would call out to her, "Can you stand in _________" and then she would run to whichever one and stand in it.  Here's a little video of our game :)



 Mother Goose Time has also emphasized our learning through the theme of a FARM.  
So we snatched up our farm animals and took them outside.  

She created her own little game with the shapes I drew outside.  I did not prompt her in any way, but she placed each of her animals in their own circle using all the circles drawn; however, Farmer Eddie was left out.  After looking around, Sweet Pea decided that he could go in a triangle.  
I was really amused watching her and found it exciting to see her using the shapes we have studied in our Mother Goose Time curriculum. 


Show off... 

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be intentional with what she is learning and how we play each and everyday.  


  1. I love how you use the word intentional a few times. That is my new life motto. I am striving to be intentional in my faith, in my fitness, in teaching my children. Great post!