Thursday, October 13, 2016

Watching a Child Create

Sweet Pea is a cautious observer.  Always has been.. and hopefully, always will be.
I have always known this about her, but I had never seen it so prevalent in her creations as it was on the day we had an Invitation to Create a Muddy Pig.

She did not pick up the picture of the pig, or study it any more than she normally looks at something.  But as I watched her place her "mud" aka brown paint on her picture of the pig, and compared it to  the provided picture of a real live muddy pig, I noticed just how much she paid attention.

We paint outdoors a lot. Sometimes in her frustrations, she throws a fit, she loves to run and throw herself face-down on the couch or chair or whatever.  With paint filled hands, I don't want to risk it indoors.  So we take it outside and place everything in our water table.  Works perfectly for us.

She placed the "mud" even in his ear (where the shadow makes it darker)


In the end, her picture of her pig mainly had mud on its nose, feet, ear, and a spot on its belly.  

Once Sweet Pea had these spots done, she didn't want to paint her pig anymore. "Done," she said.
 I was really surprised she didn't want to paint more since she seemed to enjoy it so much.  As I thought about it, she was done because her work resembled that of the picture. 
I am truly amazed by her and what she knows and comprehends.

Since Sweet Pea was done with her painting, she decided to have some fun with the paint, sand, and water... making mud.  She's usually not into getting really messy, so when she does, I just let her have at it!  I love to see her get dirty.


I learned something new about my girl through Mother Goose Time's Invitation to Create.
I learned about how cautiously she creates her images to look like that of the picture.
I learned that she has a goal in her mind, and when she reaches that goal she's done. 
(unless frustration takes over before the goal is met.  What do you mean 2 year olds get frustrated?? **wink wink**)
Would I have learned this about her without Mother Goose Time?  
Probably later on in the future, because honestly, I would never had thought to give my girl a picture and let her create something after looking at it until later on when she is older, maybe around 3 or 4 years old.

I'm so grateful for being pushed outside my comfort zone with her, and learning more and more 
about my girl each and every day. 

Watch this video to get more information about what Mother Goose Time's
Invitation to Create is all about!

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