Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mother Goose Time: Christmas in July

Holy Moly!!! Am I excited to share this with y'all today!!!  I am REALLY excited to share it with Sweet Pea, but we are going to wait until August for me to show her... 
You should feel VERY SPECIAL! :)

So what is it?

A monthly box filled with daily activities based on a theme for that particular month.  This box that I purchased is for August and it is SCIENCE LAB
(As a former 6 year Science teacher, I am absolutely stoked! You can check out my Science Label for ideas to use with older kids.)

Why did I buy this when I am a former teacher and could probably make lesson plans myself?

Time my friends...Time.  Time is priceless and a hot commodity around here, so anything that can save me a little time, and help me plan fun and engaging experiences with my girl are what I am all about.  Plus, I don't know about you, but do you ever try to get something planned and before you know it, you've been on the internet seeing a million awesome ideas! Unfortunately you're not sure which one you want to commit to, and then all of a sudden, you see you have just wasted 2 hours of that precious time, and you have nothing to show for it?!?!  
I hope it's not just me.

I met the Fed Ex guy at his truck... yes my girl was napping and I didn't want him knocking or ringing the bell... but I also could not wait to get my hands on this box!

It's totally ok if you "oooooooh" and "ahhhhh" when you open the box... I might have jumped around like it was Christmas.  I think it was the teacher in me coming out.

When you open the box, you will find your Getting Started Kit (Circle Time/Calendar pieces), your Teacher Toolbag (manipulatives, teacher guide, planning journal and so much more). I ordered the Little Goose Supplement for my little girl since she will have JUST turned 2 when we start
 Mother Goose Time.

There is also a Circle Time bag with the items you see below to help with beginning and closing the day.  There are even SONGS!  I would love to sing something other than The Itsy Bitsy Spider!  We sing that at least 20 times a day... minimum.  Tell me I am not the only one.  

Okay y'all... these manipulatives are SPOT ON.  From just a Science Teacher standpoint, I am so impressed!  Sweet Pea gets her own set of plastic beakers!  AND they use the METRIC system of measurement!  Seriously, that is one hard thing to teach American kids who ONLY see the Customary System, and when they start Science...wham! Only Metrics.  So I am so excited to see that these are Metric, and yes we will be using these again and again and again...

See those red and blue things? Giant plastic screws my friends.  Sweet Pea will be in my makeup in no time screwing all the lids off my foundation after practicing with these awesome manipulatives.  And y'all... this is just 2 items.  Within the entire box, each day just about comes with something for you to add to your stash of kid supplies!

It even comes with a book!  This is a Biography PRESCHOOL book! BIOGRAPHY y'all!!!  
For kids and TODDLERS!  
(I know this post has a lot of caps, but guys I am so excited!)
Not only that, the way this book is set up is absolutely stunning. The pictures are great, and the writers totally understand that this is for kids from 2 year old-6 year old.  That is a WIDE reading range my friends, but it is no problem for the Mother Goose Team!
  When the authors wrote the book, they made some words BOLD so that with a toddler you can just read the bold face type and the book makes just as much sense as if you read it word for word! See the picture below to get a full understanding of what I am talking about. 

So when I read this to Sweet Pea, I would say, "Isaac Newton loved learning, and especially loved going to school."  This book grows with the child... GENIUS!

So that's all I have for today.  Stay tuned, especially in August as Sweet Pea and I share our Adventures in the Science Lab with Mother Goose Time.

Until then, I will be making, decorating, and creating all things FIESTA themed for Sweet Pea's 2nd Birthday.  

Hope to see you back here! Oh, and if you have a Tot/Preschooler at home, I HIGHLY encourage you to take a look at Mother Goose Time


  1. I feel like it's Christmas every month when my Mother Goose Time box arrives! I open it ASAP and have everything cut out by the end of the day lol.

  2. I have only gotten this one, but when I saw that they shipped the next box already, I could feel the giddiness! I love how they give you so much time to familiarize yourself with it before using it.