Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fiesta Birthday: Maraca Making

I don't know where the time went, but Sweet Pea turns 2 on Friday.... tomorrow.  Time is so precious, so fleeting.  I only get 16 more years.  It's not enough time.  So, I am going to relish each and every moment I can... well try to at least.  

We are hosting a little FIESTA themed birthday party for Sweet Pea on Saturday, and this past week, I have worked on her decorations and favors a little bit each day.  As I was looking at my to-do list, I realized there were things Sweet Pea could help with and making maracas was perfect!

I found these directions on Pinterest...where else?!  Perfect activity for kids to decorate at the birthday party, and a perfect thing for Sweet Pea to help create.

Break out the rice sensory bin, be sure to include all the farm creatures to add as an element of distraction :)  

Let your little one scoop some rice into the cups.  Great coordination and fine motor skills. 

Let your tot take control. "Momma I can." Look at that face! It just reads "Look at what I can do!"

Fill how ever many cups you need.  We did 25.

Hot glue another cup on top while your tot plays  with the animals and people in the rice sensory bin, and wrap some fun washi tape around the hot glue (not pictured).

Keep going until you have all your basic maracas made. 

Now all these shakers need is the touch of a child's artwork.  We will break out the permanent markers and crayons this Saturday, and I will take pics and post the finished ones in this post.

Have fun building memories making maracas! (love that alliteration!)

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