Friday, July 8, 2016

Getting Ready for a FIESTA: Invitations

Pinterest made me do it.  Do any of your sentences start out that way too? Well, Pinterest is helping me plan my little Sweet Pea's 2nd birthday... we are having an all out Fiesta before we Siesta!

So you have to start with cute invites for a party and I found this image on Pinterest...

I love the little fringe on the top and bottom right.  Super cute, right? and totally says Fiesta!
So I made some... not entirely as cute as the above pictures, but I love them and am proud of them... plus I used a sewing machine to sew on paper, and it cost me NADA since I had everything on hand! All you need is carstock, a printer, tissue paper, and a sewing machine with thread.  Here's how I made these:

 The front of the finished invitation.  I printed 2 invitations on 1 piece of 8.5x11 white carstock, and then trimmed them down to fit in an envelope I already had.
 The back of the invitation.  It was just too plain without the little fringe.  Yes, there is such a thing as too much fringe in my opinion, but not on these :)
 So here is how to attach the fringe.  Get some tissue paper colors you like- I used pink, orange, yellow, and blue to match the donkey pinata I found at Hobby Lobby.  One strip was about an inch wide, and the other was about 3 inches.  I did not do any specific measurements... no rulers on this one.
 Use a paper clip to keep the tissue paper in place.  Do you see what plagues me?! And I didn't even notice it until I started putting the invites into envelopes.... I didn't have the number 2 placed in the top of the invitation. Ugh.... that's what happens when you have an idea, change it, but forgot you already made some before the change...I digress....
 Borrow your BFF's sewing machine for over a year and then take it out of storage to make these invites.  I guess you could use glue, but I seriously think it would take longer and not look as good.  Maybe if you used a glue runner...definitely not white school glue.  Anyway, I used matching pink thread because that was what was in my machine. Praise the Lord!  I didn't know what I was going to do if I had to re-thread that bobbin. YouTube it, I guess.
 I even back-stitched at the top and bottom.  It just adds a little more security.  Then use your scissors, make little snips down the sides, and ruffle them up with your fingers.  So cute! And nothing says FIESTA like FRINGE!

 The finished product... I'm totally digging these :)

 Hope this helps you have a HAPPY FIESTA!

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