Thursday, January 28, 2016

Starting Over.

I thought about starting over.  Starting a new blog with where I am now.  I thought about different names, titles, and what my new blog would be about.  Then I thought about the title "Jack of All Trades."  I love that title.  It can allow this blog to be about anything I want it to be. Jack of All Trades...Master of None.  Why is the Jack never a Master? Because a "Jack" is always learning, willing to try something new I don't want to become a master at something and become so comfortable, that I am not willing to push myself to try something new.  I want to always be a Jack of All Trades.

I know I have been MIA.  For a long time... like 3 years long time.  I don't have excuses, but I'd love to share where I have been and where I am heading.

There have been MONSTEROUS changes in my life in the last 3 years.  It's pretty amazing to look back and see God in it all.  He is so good.

What had happened was....
  • In the spring of 2013, my former high school principal called me out of the blue the week after Spring Break wanting to know if I wanted to come back.  (this was 4 years to the week when I lost my art teaching job, and you can read more of that here
  • After much deliberating, I took the art position at the high school, and taught ART I again in the 2013-2014 school year (Awesome!!! Living the dream again!)
  • For 3+ years (39 months to be exact) my husband and I had battled with infertility.  I never really shared about it on this blog, mainly because I wanted to hide it.   There is a lot of shame that goes with infertility, especially when the doctors can give you NO rhyme or reason as to why you have to endure it.  But even though I never shared with blogland, I did share with my church, friends, and family, who all prayed and carried this burden with us for that long of a time.
  • I found out I was pregnant on Nov 14, 2013 (my brother's birthday) and I will write a post on infertility and how GOD PROVIED EVEN IN MY DECLARING DOUBT!! The Children's Pastor, declaring her doubt that God would perform the miracle... not that He couldn't, but that He wouldn't.  Yep.... I did that in my weakness, and God brought me to my knees and my face to the ground. 
  • After completing that 1 year back at the high school, I resigned from teaching professionally to be a Stay-at-Home Mom!  After the battle with infertility, and witnessing God's gift of grace, I could not pass the opportunity to be the mom I always wanted to be.
  • I am still working part-time for my church as the Children's Pastor, so I still get my teaching fix 2x's a week, which I need.
  • My little girl is 18 months now.  I have been looking forward to teaching her at home.  I have come across some ideas called "Tot School" that I am still researching into. 

Teaching is a gift that I absolutely love.  I know it is a gift God has given me.  He has instilled the passion within me to strive and teach whatever it is that He guides me to.  Teaching continues to evolve for me.  From elementary school, to middle school, to high school, to church, and now as a mother, God has gifted me with so many ways to touch lives through the investment of teaching. 

This blog was meant for teachers,  but now I am not a professional teacher in the field.  However, in the end,  WE ALL ARE TEACHERS.  We all have the opportunity to teach someone, to invest in another human being, to help them become better than they were when you met them.

So I will stay and continue to let God teach me how to be a Jack of All Trades.

(and I am hoping to post bi-montly! small steps friends, small steps.)


  1. I love your site. I have a 16 month old and looking for activities for her. Thank you for sharing and will be following.... =)

    1. Thank you so much Fabiola! I am hoping to be much better about posting. This age is so much fun! Hope you enjoy many sweet moments with you little girl! :)