Friday, October 13, 2017

Preschool Homeschool: Cloud Study

This month we are studying the weather and seasons during our Preschool/Homeschool time using  our Mother Goose Time curriculum.  On this particularly glorious day, we studied Clouds.  
There weren't many in the sky, but there were tons on our little table.

We started our study with me asking Sweet Pea a few questions:
What do you think a cloud feels like? 
What do you think is inside a cloud?
"A rainbow" was her first response when I asked indoors.  
However when I filmed her, she responded with "rain drops."

We then did a little STEAM activity outside, suggested by MGT,  
which had Sweet Pea engrossed for a long time!  
All you need is a container, water, shaving cream, colored water (we used blue), and a medicine dropper or pipette.

The shaving cream sits on top of the water resembling a cloud.  As Sweet Pea added more and more blue water to the top of the "cloud," it became more saturated, eventually releasing some of the blue colored water below the cloud thus representing rain. 

We had some great cloud discussion too and I am so glad I captured it in the video below.

Time to get messy and feel that cloud!

In 3rd grade my Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Carrier,  always placed shaving cream on our desks on Wednesdays to practice our spelling words.  It was so much fun! I obviously never forgot the experience...or her.  As I watched Sweet Pea play with the cream "cloud" on her table, I remembered all the wonderful writing practice I did.  I encouraged Sweet Pea to write the letter C with her fingers in her "cloud" of shaving cream.   

She had such a fun time writing and  drawing in her clouds.  
She was constantly saying, "I need more clouds."

By the end, she was covered in shaving cream, sweaty, dirty and wet.  She immediately took a bath and after lunch took a nice nap.  However, our cloud study didn't end there!

Mother Goose Time included a wonderful Invitation to Create!  We were inspired by a picture of clouds and using a pipette and watered down white paint Sweet Pea could make her own picture however she wanted.  I added some tape around the cardstock  to help create a nice border/frame for her artwork.

We went back outdoors to complete this art project.

I used watered down white tempra paint and she had a lot of fun dropping it on her paper and blowing out some of the bubbles that appeared on her paper.  The only problem with white tempra paint is it turns into pink when it dries on dark colored paper.

We still need to read the book It Looked Like Spilt Milk to finish our Cloud Study.  We'll do that during our bedtime reading.  Loving that our Homeschool time can go all day as needed.

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