Monday, October 23, 2017

I Can Read: Interactive Sight Words

Yall, Sweet Pea is getting into words and language so much more lately!
It's like an explosion has happened, and I am so excited to be able to witness and take part in this journey with her.

We love our I Can Read books from Mother Goose Time
In the past, she has always considered this book "a game" as she uses the sight word arrows to point to the matching words in the book.  I, on the other hand, have always been confounded on how to exactly use the other word cutouts and pictures they send with the arrows... until the other week!

Why have I not been using them as interactive words for her?!
It hit me to make them into magnets that we can move around and eventually mix sight words.  
Here's what I did:

Get yourself some magnetic tape from the craft store... this roll was like $5.99 and it will last a while!
Punch out all the sight words and the picture cut outs that go along with the I Can Read book.

Cut yourself some magnets to size.  This tape is self adhesive with a sticker on one side. It is not the strongest magnet in the world, but it is PERFECT for this size paper.  Stick those bad boys on.

Ta-da! I know... why haven't I already been doing this?! 
**palm to the forehead**
These would be great anywhere, but I placed ours on the dry erase board in our 
Preschool Homeschool Classroom along with our story magnets.

Now we don't have to have our book with us to practice these words... she can practice them everyday, multiple times a day just looking and interacting with the words.
Here's a video of Sweet Pea using her interactive words for the first time.

She loves this and uses it all the time! 
Making learning and reading fun is what will help her become a lifelong learner, 
and I definitely want that for her.  So thankful for MGT!

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