Monday, August 7, 2017

John the Baptist for Preschoolers

Trying to teach about God to preschoolers is a tough job, but our Experience God pack makes it so easy for us at home. This month we are studying that God is Light through the story of John the Baptist.

Our first story card has a picture of John living in the wilderness.  Perfect timing since last month we talked about camping with our Camping Unit from Mother Goose Time.  I told Sweet Pea about John living alone in the desert and how he would eat bugs!  
My teacher guide had this little game (pic below) as a suggestion, but I tweaked it a little bit with the help of some of our manipulative from our unit on Bugs and Crawly things.  
She couldn't wait to get started!

Instead of paper pieces, I grabbed our bug manipulatives from that unit of study, and placed them on our purple tray with a foam die we had from a previous month.  When I told Sweet Pea we were going to make John some bug dinner, she ran and grabbed the green plates from her play kitchen.

She practiced rolling the die, counting the dots, counting bugs, and then placing them on her plate. 
"Here you go, John," she said as she pushed the plate towards the picture.
My heart melted. 

Tomorrow we will talk about how John baptized those who turned towards God.  I'll use tons of her Little People and our water table outside to demonstrate baptism.

Watching your child grow in the knowledge of the Lord is one of the most rewarding sights I have been blessed with.  I pray she comes to know Him sooner rather than later. 

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