Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Five Ways Mother Goose Time Makes Effective Mommas

Being an effective momma is no easy task by any means.
Whether you are a mom who works out of the home, stays at home, or works from the home, I am sure we can all agree that the struggle to be effective is real.

Time is short.
Time is fleeting.
Time slips away.
And we all wish we just had a little more

I decided to be a stay at home because of that very factor.  I wanted all the time I possibly could to soak in every minute with my little girl.  But there are things that just suck time away from me and my girl.
One being Pinterest.

Don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest.  Especially finding great things for my girl and I to try to do together.  But you know how it is... click on this link, read all this stuff, download and print... (no color printer) now I have to color, cut, and create stuff for her, and stop at the store and buy the things for us to create with.  Before I know it, that one little unit study I wanted to do with my girl, has now taken me hours and several evenings to prepare, cost quite a bit between the store, gas, and time spent there, and has basically worn me down before we even start!  I am sure I am not the only one.  
AND... I haven't even mentioned having some quality time with my husband. 

Why do I love Mother Goose Time?
Because my time- my precious and beloved time- is spent with my loved ones.
It's spent watching her grow, learn, create, and read.  Time is spent as a family when my husband  participates in the games with her or when she describes what she learned today as he walks through the door.

Mother Goose Time (MGT) gives me time which helps make me effective.
I spend those precious moments with the ones I love doing the things that mean something instead of searching, scouring, and building something from nothing.

 This little school bus box comes to my door with 20 daily packages filled with games, crafts, books and learning opportunities.  I can use how much and how little I want.  I can save it for later, or for daddy, or fit a bunch in on a rainy day.  

MGT sends us everything we need and saves us money in the long run! 
I spend time making and learning with my girl instead of running to the store or Hobby Lobby for something to make a craft with. I don't know about you, but I can never walk into Walmart or Hobby Lobby and just buy that one thing I need.... before I know it I've spent extra money that I really didn't need to.  

MGT helps me stay focused.
It supplies me with a list of books to check out at out local library.  Walking into the library can be overwhelming and sitting at the card catalog computer with a toddler is no easy task.  Having my book list prior and being able to go online and see what is available at the library, helps me be effective with the time we have at the local library. 
We aren't walking in, demolishing shelves, and grabbing books without a care.  There is a theme with the books we check out and that keeps my girl constantly learning, even if she doesn't realize it yet.

MGT sends me educational toys.
This is a big deal.  I love open ended toys and manipulatives that can be used over and over, growing with the child, and morphing into new ways of learning and playing.  Just this month, we received 4 magnetic wands (always have wanted some of these) and magnetic letter tiles!  My mind is already reeling with ideas of games we can do outside of our daily suggestions by MGT.

MGT fills my house with music and learning.
Our monthly CD stays in a player that my girl can easily turn on whenever she likes (right now she's still into Alphabet Island's ABC song track's on repeat).  Her little journal sits on her table ready for her to draw or color whenever she likes.  Her "I Can Read" books have become a game.  "Mommy let's play game," she'll say as she pulls her sight word arrows out of the bag I have taped to the front, anxious to match the words to her arrows.   

Is MGT worth the money?
For me and my family... absolutely.

I get the most valuable thing in return for my money-
Time with my girl.
Time to try new things on the fly.
Time making memories.
Time watching her learn and grow.
Time- that precious and priceless thing I can never get back.

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