Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Science Discovery: Rainy Day Slime

Each month I check out a huge batch of books from our local library that goes along with our 
Mother Goose Time monthly theme... this month happened to be BUGS.

Rainy Day Slug was one of the books I found this month that has been constantly read!  
The slug explores the inside of a home leaving a nice slimy white trail behind him that Sweet Pea traces with her fingers.  When I mentioned making slime like what the slug leaves behind on our rainy Memorial Day, she was all about it!

On SLUG day, the STEAM station had a slime exploration and recipe that I could not wait to try.
My only problem... I didn't have a 4 oz bottle of glue, but I did have a 16 oz bottle of Mod Podge.  So I found a video and recipe that was very similar to what MGT sent us.


Below are all the ingredients we used.  We were going to add some paint to our slime, but we decided to just add the glitter instead.  Sweet Pea was all about adding glitter.  We added a lot more than just the 2 pictured below.  I guess you can't have too much glitter.
Sweet Pea did a great job helping make the slime, but it is definitely an ADULT SUPERVISION project considering borax is involved. 

I actually added about one more tablespoon of borax 
to our mixture which helped the slime solidify more.
However, the thing that helped the most in making our slime come together was
using a kitchen towel to dry out the slime a little.
Once some of the moisture came out of it, the slime really began to take shape.

Once the slime was complete, it was time to play!
Sweet Pea stretched it, poked it, stamped her hand and shapes into it, and buried her bug manipulatives into the slime.  We even acted out the Very Hungry Caterpillar by wrapping one of her caterpillar manipulatives in the slime, making a cocoon, and then making the butterfly come out. 
She loved it!

Sweet Pea explored and played with our Rainy Day Slug Slime for at least an hour before we had to put it away in a plastic airtight container. 
This morning right after breakfast, she came into the kitchen asking for her slime.  As I watched over her and cleaned the kitchen , she played at the table with her slime burying tons of her bug manipulatives into it.  Today she was all about the ladybugs getting slimed.  She sat there and played quietly with her bugs and slime for at least 30 minutes without inviting me to play with her! 

I was so surprised at how much she enjoyed this slime!
She's not one to get wet and sandy or really dirty, but this slime doesn't stick to hands, easily comes off, and is generally a clean project.  She has absolutely loved it!  
And watching her explore something new all on her own just makes me so happy.

Happy Slime Time!

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