Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bug Bingo

This month we are studying those gross nasties that make me cringe...

There is no denying that I am not a fan of bugs.
Ladybugs and butterflies hold the exception.
When teaching fourth grade Science, I had a mealworm and earthworm habitat in the room, 
so I can handle those too.  That's about it my friends.

However, Mother Goose Time sure does know how to make these creepy-crawly, cringe worthy creatures into some fun experiences for not just my tot, but our whole family.

Tonight after dinner, 
I set up our Bug Bingo game that Sweet Pea and I had played earlier in the day.
MGT sent us a bunch of bug manipulatives, and 4 different bingo cards.  
It is basically a matching game, but you could make it really challenging by not showing the picture card and just calling out the names of the insects.

Our girl helped us find the insects on our cards.

Where's that spider?

Still helping dad find his insects (even though momma won!)

We played 2 rounds of our bingo game as a family and we all just loved it.  
Sometimes I really struggle in finding things for us to do quietly after dinner, but before bathtime,  that doesn't involve the television.   

This game was the perfect solution and it is set up on our buffet,
 so we can play some more later this week. 

The family that plays together, stays together.

What are some of your favorite family games to do with your tot?
I'd love to know in the comments below!

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