Friday, September 2, 2016

Our Last Week in the Science Lab

This has been our last week in the Science Lab, and it was the perfect week for our Ecology activities. After 2 and a 1/2 weeks of rain, we finally had some sunshine so we could go outside and play!

Our Little Goose guide had us creating little creatures with grass for hair (super cute), but we went ahead and put our stuff in a jar and focused more on pouring.

Using a nylon stocking (provided by MGT), Sweet Pea was really able to see what could pass through and what could not.  Our dirt may have become a little waterlogged.  She loves to pour.

I loved watching her carefully observe the water going through the nylon. When we placed dirt on top of the nylon, she poured water on top of the dirt and still noticed that the water went through. 
She is a cautious and very observant little girl. 


After observing that, I dumped the dirt that was on top of the nylon into our container, and poured out some of the excess water.  I then opened the package of rye grass seeds that MGT provided in our kit for the day!  Sweet Pea poured all the seeds into our container and I set it in the sun after we were all done. 


Sweet Pea has been so interested in birds lately and talking about them flying in the sky. So we ended out Science Lab doing a perfect activity.... making a BIRD FEEDER for our garden!
MGT provided us with the seeds and even a pine cone! 
(not that we needed it out here in the pineywoods of east Texas)

Our cast of characters (she was playing with the pine cone when I snapped this pic) 

Sweet Pea isn't much into getting dirty, but she did enjoy rolling the pine cone and pressing it into the peanut butter.  

Adding the bird seed to the peanut butter covered pine cone. 

Her finished product hanging in the garden waiting for the birds to come on by.  There are some mockingbirds (our state bird) that live in the tree nearby so hopefully we can catch a glimpse of them chowing down. Either that or the squirrels!  
(I watched a mighty brave squirrel try multiple times to steal my tomatoes this summer!)

As a former Science teacher, I absolutely loved being able to do science activities with my girl.  I know she is only 2 and might not understand all that we are doing, but some of the key concepts were things I taught in 3rd and 4th grade!  Some of these are even elaborated on in 6th grade Science!
To already start establishing a foundation of understanding on these abstract concepts 
(like gravity, solutions and mixtures, ect),
makes me so happy as both a mother and a teacher.

The foundation of learning starts at home.
I am so grateful for Mother Goose Time to have done all the hard work of organizing monthly learning adventures, creating easy to go to lesson plans and materials,  and helping me set a firm foundation.

Next week we start our new monthly study on Me and My Family! It is bound to be a blast! 
Be sure to click on the link above and watch the video to see all that is available in a kit!  
It really does make life so much fun and simpler on me! 

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