Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Library Adventures on Wednesday

Every Wednesday at 10 am, our local library hosts "Story Time" for kids.  This is an amazing opprotunity to meet other stay at home moms and dads, make new friends, and enjoy an outing learning to love reading! Does it get much better?

Sweet Pea's favorite activity is reading.  Ive caught her several times crawling into her chair in her playroom "reading" a book. Just recently, she has been coming to me with a book, opening it, and "reading" to me. LOVE these moments.

This is our 3rd week in a row to go to our library for Story Time, and let me tell you, if you have not checked out what to see what your public library is doing, you are missing out!  I hope your library is doing as much for the kids in the community as ours is!  From story time, to Saturday matinees, and game nights in between, I am so grateful for my library.  And it's FREE!

What does Library Wednesday look like?

We pack snacks and water, head to the library, and sit in a big room with lots of other kids, parents, and 2 story tellers (librarians).  We spend about 30 minutes reading 3 different books under a main theme (this week's is bugs), singing songs (this week we sang the itsy bitsy spider, and the ants go marching), and watching some puppets get in on the action.

Then it's craft time and games along with searching for new books.  The ladies always prepare some kind of craft for the kids to complete with their parents.  Last week we made cow puppets out of lunch sacks, but this week we made these super cute fingerprint insects (ours were birds) and the Hungry Caterpillar from the story we heard during Story time!  

We used stamps provided to stamp flowers, and Sweet Pea used her fingerprint to make the solid purple flower in the center. 
 We started with this side of the paper, and Sweet Pea stamped her finger using the gold stamp pad provided to make birds.  I drew the lines to make the body and beak.  So cute.  It was based out of the book Ed Emberley's Fingerprint Drawing Book.  So many things to create from your child's finger print!  The library provided a variety of stamp pads, paper, markers, and 3 copies of the book for us to flip through!
Then we made the caterpillar from the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle which we just heard during Story Time.  The library provided all the craft items to make this cute little guy... wide popsicle sticks, puffs, glue, and googly eyes.  Such a great item to use when reading the story at home too! 

After craft time, kids can even play!  The library has an assortment of puzzles, blocks, and thinking games for the kids to enjoy!  LOVE!   Our day at the library ended with us picking out 2 new board books to read for the next month.  I absolutely adore our library and feel so blessed to be a part of this community! 

Check out your local library today! See what it has to offer.  Does it have any fun things for kids too?  I'd love to hear your library adventures too!

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  1. So fun! We LOVE the library too. So many great (free!) things to do and explore, as well as meet other mom and dads in the community. Thanks for sharing about your fun library experience!