Sunday, May 27, 2012

Goodbye Math... Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow....

I love math.  I love the organization of it all.  I love that there is only one right answer but a countless ways to get to it.  The methodical approach of each step and the elimination of a number leading me to the answer.  I love my notebook filled with foldables, notes and knowledge.

But now after 6 long years of always teaching something different, I finally get a year where I am going to teach the same thing twice... but, it's not math.


And although I am sad to give up math (not the STARR test though...doing a little dance on the couch... literally.... are you dancing too?  you know that giving up that test is a relief :)  ), I am totally stoked about just teaching Science.  I love the creativity of it all.  The creation, testing, analyzing and justifying of each thing.  The search for the answer to why?  and the explanation of how you finally figured something out.  Sometimes people have a hard time being a Christian and teaching Science, and I totally can relate to some of that.  But so much of science justifies that there must be a God to create all of this... to make these systems work in such a specific way that if one thing went wrong something would die or cease to exhist.  How awesome is HE!!!

If you have read any of my About Me section, you know the journey I have been on for the last 6 years and how much God has led me, even when I wanted to pull in another way.  How I have taught something new EVERY year, and moved so often. 

This past year I have become the Children's Director at my church. and I have really loved it!  I would NOT be able to do it if I wasn't at the school I am at right now.  To just do Science next year not only means I can focus on one subject area, but I can spend more time doing labs, more foldables, and spending more time on my church kids.  This past year has been a huge blessing, and I just am so excited to see what God has for me next. 


  1. Sounds like me! I have taught 6th grade math and science for 6 years, and just got a job teaching 7th and 8th grade science next year! So excited for a change and to be creative again!

  2. I've been moving around all over the place too - finally landed in Computer Elective and I'm hoping I get to stay there for awhile!

    Good Luck with the new position next year! :)

    Life in Middle School

  3. I love math for the same reasons you do, but also enjoy teaching science even though its been 3 years since I taught science. I completely agree with God has a plan for us all because I did not plan to be in special education but it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. You'll do great next year with science!
    Special Teaching in the Middle

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments yall! I am really looking forward to next year... in my busy summer schedule, I am hoping to get some science labs created and planned... we will see how that goes. :) Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  5. Hi Leslie:
    I am going to miss your math commentaries...
    But I am SO excited for your science posts!

    I love teaching math, but I am terrible at teaching science. I just know I am going to get some new ideas and some new motivation from you next year!

    You were one of the first blogs I followed when I started blogging. Here's the funny part: For quite some time (before I became familiar with blog layouts), I thought your name was JACK!

    Happy No-School Day... I am sending you a CyberHug and best wishes for your new opportunity. YAY God!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  6. I am a little sad to be leaving math as well- but I am just as excited to be able to put my focus towards reading :)

    Check out my new blog- I am giving away a $25 gc to Target to celebrate!

  7. So I am so excited for the new opportunity at your church! I had the "job" of finding our church new curriculum & creating a children's ministry manual for our workers last year so I will be praying for your new endeavor!!!

  8. My favorite topic in maths is always graphical representations of linear in equations