Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Preschool Moon Rock Math

Finally, we have seen the sun!  After weeks of gloom and rain, the most glorious days have arrived and we are soaking as much time outdoors as we can. 

So when our Mother Goose Time suggested a game called "Counting Moon Rocks" during our Space Unit, I tweaked it to be outdoors and it was perfect!  In fact, this game kept my girl busy for
 45 minutes straight!
Here's what we did...

I took the number cards suggested (0-14) and placed them on the wall outside.   You could place them on the ground or mix them all up and put them in a pile or in a container depending on if it's a windy day or not.

Astronaut Avaleigh then would turn over a card, any card, say the number outloud.
We then would "blast off" to the moon and collect moon rocks  using her Moon Rock bag 
(that we created earlier during our Make and Play time.  I'll post about that later...)

As she collected her moon rocks, she counted out loud placing 1 rock in the bag at a time.
This strengthens the math skill of one-to-one correspondence.
After she had gathered her moon rocks, we then bounded to the sand table, jumping like astronauts on the moon. 

Taking rock by rock out of her bag, we created a moon rock path in the sand while counting our rocks as we placed them.  Then it was time to "blast off" back to the number wall where it then became "Mommy Astronaut's turn."

Avaleigh decided that her lion needed to walk along the moon rock path.

45 minutes later, we had completed all our numbers and created the moon rock path below. 
"Let's play some more," she said as I was picking up the cards.
Isn't that what every educator wants to hear after some intense learning game has finished?

Although we didn't play again right after, it is my plan after naps and quiet time to head back outside and play Moon Rock Math some more.

I am so thankful for Mother Goose Time and the ideas they supply us with and the memories and learning that are taking place right here at home.

What are some of your favorite learning games to play outdoors?


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