Monday, November 14, 2016

A Review: Little Professionals Wooden Set

A quick review on something I purchased recently...

We are studying Community Helpers this month with our preschool curriculum, Mother Goose Time.  As I looked around my house to pull things for Sweet Pea to play with, I realized I had hardly anything to help reinforce the topic of community helpers.  So I did turned to the source that could help me in a bind and do it quick... amazon.  

And it does not break the bank! $14.99 my friends and it comes with 15 characters! That's a dollar a character!  And you will not find this kind of quality at your local Dollar Tree...just saying.  
And I love Dollar Tree.

All 15 characters come in a plastic bag and are made out of wood.  When I first saw them, I thought they might be small, but in my 2 year old's hands they are perfect.  They are the same size as many of her Fisher Price Little People, so adding these characters just adds more fun to what we already have!

The professionals are made of wood and are painted both on the front and the BACK! With the words on them... in 2 separate spots! In the picture below you can see the words "Police Officer" on the back, but Police Officer is also written on the base of the character as well.  Each of the 15 characters are labeled in this way. 


One awesome feature is the little triangle base added to the bottom. This keeps the characters standing up and much more study than if it was not there. 

I am just bringing one out a day as we learn about each person in our community using these. Sweet Pea has been playing with the firefighter, doctor, police officer, and today we added the scientist.  She incorporated them into her Fisher Price Barn and animal set she had out and was playing nonstop for 30 minutes to an hour with these.  That is a win for mom... I got the kitchen tidy!
The one hang up about these is they are not diverse in their skin tone at all.  But if you are looking for some good quality, well made, wooden people to add to your child's learning experience about those who work in the community, this is a great choice.

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