Friday, March 11, 2016

Making Play dough (with no cream of tartar)

I wanted to play with play dough with Sweet Pea...but I did NOT want to go to Walmart at 8 in the evening.  Have you been then... its like all the cashiers go home and everyone in town heads to the store!!! Lines backed up to the clothes and I thought I was going to be the only one there.  Wrong...

So I decided I would make play dough following this 3 minute YouTube video

Here a pic of all the ingredients.  (no cream of tartar) Look at all that Great Value brand... I obviously shop at Walmart.  

                                       I added at least 10 drops of food coloring if not more. 

Cuz you know... you might not know what salt and flour look like... :)

Okay, here is where I strayed from the video.  I only used a cup of flour-salt mixture to my colored water with oil.  And I am very pleased with that amount... I think more would have totally dried it out.  FYI... I did have to add about a tablespoon of additional hot water to each bowl.
 Mix, mix, mix and then mix some more.  You can see my leftover flour/salt mix in the bowl.  I dumped it in the trash...BUT I should have made another color!  Stupid brain doesn't even think about that stuff after 8 pm.  Oh and FYI... I will totally use a bigger bowl... I was trying to contain the mess, but ugh... I should have known what a cup of flour and liquid would look like in these bowls.  See above statement about brain.

Knead, knead, knead, and soon the texture will be all nice and smooth... takes a little while, but it will get there.  Then I just stored them in their own sandwich bag and squished out as much air as possible. 

Another reason why I like this recipe so much is cuz I actually know what's in it.  Good thing too since Sweet Pea grabbed a bite while I had my back turned for 1 second.  I swear she just waits to see me turn around.  Her face when she ate that dough was priceless... she hasn't done it again either.  Experience is the best teacher.

She loved playing with it... placing noodles on chopsticks and placing all sorts of objects into the dough to see the impressions.  We've played with it several times... each time for at least 30 minutes and the dough is not dried out at all!

I might add a few drops of essential oils to the dough to give her another sensory experience, but I haven't done that yet.

Don't feel like getting crafty and making a mess in your kitchen?  Here are some links to the well known play dough we all grew up with and loved:


What are some ways you love to use your play dough?

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