Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Craft Time... Baby Elephant Pictures by Busted Button

Isn't this this most adorable gift ever!!! Yes.... Yes it is..... So naturally I had to make one because this isn't mine.  And I have about a MILLION friends having babies.  Does anyone else feel that way... like everyone is having babies????  Couples turning into bunnies???  I digress...

This too-cute elephant is a PIN from the most wonderful PINTERST but more importantly it is made from the blog BUSTED BUTTON. She even has a tutorial on there that was really easy to follow. Click on the links to check out her tutorial, and also her site!  It's AWESOME!!!  Check out her Art Portfolio... she does some great artwork. 

I did have to make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby.  Side note:  wait to buy your frame when they go on sale for 50% off.  This happens usually every other week.  I took lots of picture when making it, so I will go through real quick and tell you how to make this gift.

Grab your wallet.... and go to Hobby Lobby.
Buy this 3 pkg of canvas boards for 6.99.  You'll find them in the canvas aisle.  Use the 8x10 size--- you need this size for your fame and how big the elephant is.
I had to buy buttons.  Unfortunately buttons are one thing I don't hoard collect.  Ok..... honesty is the best policy.....hoard.   But believe you me, I will now.   I sorted my buttons because I am psychotic and love to see organized colors.  But this also helped me see that I can not make another yellow elephant.  

If the frame is on sale, buy it.  If not just wait til next week.  Also if you are not a hoarder of paint, you will want to buy some acrylic paint while your at Hobby Lobby.  Now go home.

And make a stencil of an elephant.
I drew out mine but you can maybe find one on the Internet???  Its not hard to draw... YOU CAN DO IT!

Trace your stencil.  Try to keep your elephant either a little off to the left or in the center.  You will have balloons that take us some of that space on the right.
Paint your elephant the color of your buttons.  You can add some water to make it a little less thick.
I put my buttons in baggies so now they will stay organized.   Get out that hot glue gun... LOW temp!!  You will get glue on yourself and we all know what those high temps do to our skin.  No bueno.
Place your buttons... I liked using my bigger button on the bottom.... don't worry we are going to layer this elephant.
See... Its layered with buttons.  And that stupid hot glue string.... start pulling that off.... and layer some more until you cant see much of your paint anymore.
I don't have black buttons, so I used a dark purple one for the eye.  Also you see that little line of darker pink buttons??  That's his ear... or her ear.... I would feel sorry for him if he was pink.... poo
Use a sharpie.... THIN.... and draw some lines for the button balloons/flowers/ whatever circular thing you want to call it.
Glue them down. 
Gotta add some button grass! 
Place in your frame!  I could not put the glass in first and have everything fit, so I just kept the canvas being the top layer, but put the glass behind it along with the backing of the frame.

I've done 3 so far...

And I have a at least 2 more to go.....
Again.... when did people become bunnies???

Happy Crafting!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Teacher Toolbox: Organization Central

VBS is over and it was beyond AMAZING!!! But now that I don't have my mind racing in a million directions, I can focus on doing stuff for school... including crafting.   So I am finally going to contribute to Tara's Made it Mondays!  I know it's Friday.... but I am going to join on Monday.  You can check out more of her great ideas and other crafters linking up here
Well Leslie, what did you make??

I made this awesome toolbox!
 I have been dying to make this thing since last summer when I saw Rebecca's Toolbox.  Here is a picture of hers.
You can read about her Tool Box on her wonderful blog
So how did I make mine???  First head to Lowe's or click on the Amazon link (if you can wait a few days) and buy yourself this little beauty. My friend and I had a mini- pinterest party and each made one.  Love Pinterst Parties!!!   Gotta get one going for Back 2 School.
 Focus.......  I didn't like the blue color, so that meant SPRAY PAINT.... Take out all the little drawers.  Then go outside, prime it and paint it.   
All the little drawers
Ready for Paint
YES!!!  Don't forget the Primer
Lots of Primer.... should have put more on mine
A glossy white spray paint is added

Dry Time

Now while your box is drying, go visit Rebecca's site Create Share Inspire and print out 2 copies of the labels that she made onto 2 different colors of card stock.  She has a link on her site.  Now if you're like me, you might not use all her labels.... like chalk or rings, but you can always double up on one you use a lot of.  For me... that was Paper Clips.... I live off paper clips... they are always in my pockets and my husband goes nuts finding them in the washer or dryer.  Oh well.... you never know when you need a paper clip. A-D-D...... Focus...... labels...... Cut the labels out.
Now using scrap book paper, trace around the big labels on the back of the paper.
Then cut out all your large rectangles that you traced.  I used 2 different types of scrapbook paper.
My paper
Kim's paper

Now trim your big labels.  I used my trusty paper cutter.

Look at the nice fan formation Kim made.  She laughed the whole time I took pictures of EVERYTHING!

Now use one of those sticker dot roller things to place your labels on your paper.
Then get yourself some of this tape.... its double sided sticky tape that is clear.  LOVE IT! And why does it say permanent??? Because its not... you can remove that stuff... no prob.... maybe not from the paper....
I never use this tape, but had it in my junk drawer and it was perfect for this project.  We tried placing tape on the back of the labels and then along the side, but it just was not working out.  Just get some of this stuff and place it on the front of your label... I know its going to be tough... I had the moment of apprehension thinking that I was about to ruin my nice label.  But trust me... no one will see this tape on the front of your label.
Kim's Box
My box.  I told you..... you cant see that tape.... right??? No....
 The final finishing touch was adding our names to the top of the boxes.

Cute Cute!!!  Thanks Rebecca for the inspiration!!!!!!  Happy Crafting!!!