Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Go SPEED Racer!!

This week I am teaching my 6th graders about speed: what is it? what changes it? how do we measure it? and how do we graph it?  Today I am engaging my learners into what it is and having them make a rough sketch of what the line graph might look like.

I started with having them write all the synonyms they could think of for the word speed for one minute with their group.   I also had them add in words they thought of when I said the word speed.  Then without using any of those words, they must come up with a definition for speed.  This stumped them big time but led to some great group discussion!!  One probing question to use is:  If you and a friend are racing, how do you know who wins?  They start connecting the idea that time is involved with speed. 

After they made their definition and we talked about it, I read them the story of  The Tortoise and the Hare- an Aesop's Fable.   They were given graph paper and had them create 2 lines on the graph showing both the hare and the tortoise.  Many of their lines look liked this:

I then showed them this video:

Tomorrow we will review what it means when something stops moving and how to graph it- that the line remains constant- it doesn't go down or up- just stays at that one place.  I will then have them go back and write how they would change their graph, and then redraw it showing the no change for the hare. 

Cant wait for those AH-HA moments!! Have a great one!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beth Moore Rocks My World!!

Well.... she doesn't really rock my world, but her TEACHING does!  If you do not know who Beth Moore is, she is a Christian author who writes Bible studies mainly for women. She also makes videos so that you can do the study in a small group setting whether in the home or at church.  I did a study on the book of Revelations by her last year, but now I started a new one on the book of James.

Did you know Jesus had a brother (2nd oldest... besides Jesus) named James??  I knew He had some siblings, but for some reason it never hit me that it was James!!!  Matthew 13:55-56 states," Isn't this the carpenter's son?  Isn't his mother's name Mary and aren't his brothers James, Joseph, Simon and Judas?" ummm.... how did I miss that earlier!?!?!

We had our first meeting on Tuesday night and man did I need it!!! I had a HORRIBLE day!! My students were awful, they would not STOP talking over me, my workout was cancelled, and I cant even tell you how many people acted as if they could not see my car on the road.  Sometimes I really wonder if my car has some invisible button that I accidentally press... but it always seems to happen.  Yep... I needed a Bible Study after this day.  And man did Beth bring it!  There were points where I was literally thinking... "umm... how did you get into my head and see what has been bothering me for so long???  How did you know that?"

I digress.... the whole point is I want to share about the daily devotional time which I do in the morning.  The other day, part of the homework was to create a timeline depicting the events where you have SEEN GOD AT WORK in your life.  I have not done an art project for myself in so long, and I could not wait to do this one. I have been thinking about it for 2 days now! So tonight I created this timeline.
My whole timeline

Where I lost my High School Art teaching job.

My Favorite Verse: Jeremiah 29:11

Marrying my husband Jason is at the highest point of my timeline. 

I used sharpie markers first drawing and writing everything I wanted.  If you have read my About Me section my timeline consisted of mainly those events.

By doing this project and studying this Bible Study, I came to a realization this week:

Satan orchestrates the bad things that happen to us, but God is the one who will take it, redeem it, and set a purpose for it.  All I have to do is bring it to Him.

And I am sure you would all agree... that sometimes taking it to Him is so hard.  We think that God wont take these bad things from us.... they're too awful... but He will.  He wants to.  He wants to free you and me and give a purpose to that awful thing that happened.  The real question for us is: Will We Let Him?

I hope you all have a very blessed week and happy Spring Break!!!