Sunday, April 30, 2017

Coloring Through Observing

Why do kids love coloring sheets?
I loved them growing up.. in fact I still love them.
There's a huge industry blowing up right now for adult coloring books.
What is it about coloring that is so therapeutic?

I must say that as a former art teacher, there is such an overwhelming sense of 
accomplishment when a work of art is completed.
Even if it is a coloring sheet.

I love our Experience God curriculum from Mother Goose Time.
I love the large pictures they send, and the fact that Jesus and the disciples are depicted the same way month to month.  This really helps Sweet Pea remember who is who.

I placed the poster of Jesus and the disciples on her picture stand, and provided Sweet Pea with the coloring sheet that matches the poster.  Then I let her go to town coloring it how she wanted.
At first she colored the people's noses, eyes and mouths different colors, 
but then I caught her studying the poster.  
I asked her which person was wearing green, and she pointed.
Then she picked up her green marker and started coloring that disciple.

I love the picture above.  
It just captures her nature so well.
Sweet Pea is studious and cautious and oh so observant.
I love how she chose to solve the problem of which color to use by actually looking and studying the source of where her work came from.
In a world that is so fast paced, it is so refreshing to watch someone stop and just look.

She stops so often to look at the world around her.
To feel the wind.
Listen to the birds.
Look at the color of people's eyes.
Sweet Pea chose her colors by observing the picture provided.
A skill being lost in today's fast-paced world, 
but one I am being taught once again by my 2 year old.

Thank you Lord.

Happy Coloring, friends!

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